Wednesday, March 07, 2012

a new life for a recycled box

How easy is it to create your own simple cheap storage? As easy as reusing a lovely cardboard box. I admit, not all shoe boxes are worthy, but this eco-friendly box that held an organic cotton bunny, was just the thing for some cute storage. All I did was add a couple of grommets, a bit of rope that came with the bunny, and I have a cute little box for bebe's cute little hats.

And here's that adorable little bunny and a sneak peak at the living room redo. It's been about creating as much storage as possible for a growing bebe and all her diapers/pajamas/burp clothes/blankets/toys/ see why we needed the storage?? The trick was creating something clean and useful without becoming overpowering.

1 comment:

carrie said...

love it!! having kids takes organizing to a whole new level!!!! lol!

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