Monday, March 26, 2012

making an impression

Pinterest will be the death of me. My right-brained self yearns for daily creativity, so I tend to have 18 different projects rolling around up there until I actually find time to get them out. This one has been bothering me for well, since the bebe was born. I wish I had stopped to get impressions of her little 1 week old feet, but 3 month feet will have to do. I'll do them again at 6 months, a year and maybe two or three years. Then it will be complete! Even though it's just the beginning, it's a pretty darn cute piece of art:
Inspiration for this project came from here. I actually outlined bebe's feet with a fine tip art pen and labeled the age along side. The feet were a little too light and blurred {do you know how hard it is to get a 3 month old who loves to kick to stay flat footed for a few seconds?} and I wanted a little more distinction. Anyway, I'm happy with everything about it. Here's to creative ways to track little memories.

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