Monday, February 14, 2011

let's hear it for new york


Well, this weekend was a great short little trip to Brooklyn. Carrie and I, along with her two girls, drove in to meet up with one of Carrie's college friends. I have to say, Jen was adorable! And sweet. It's always nerve-wracking meeting new people for me, especially people I plan to spend the next 48 hours with. All in all, it was a great trip! We spent a little time in my old neighborhood, said hello to my old apartment, had delicious food and spent hours shopping. I'm hoping the girls all had as much fun as I did. Even riding the subway was happiness to me.
The day was a bit chilly as you can see, but Sunday shaped up to be much warmer. And we've already planned a spring trip back to see the cherry blossoms at the brooklyn botanical gardens. That was always on my to-do list and I just missed out on it the couple of years we lived there.
My old neighborhood has a new Crumbs bakery, and I'm so glad it wasn't there when I was! We had some fantastic valentine themed cupcakes. I had the chocolate covered strawberry which was simple strawberry cake covered in a hard chocolate ganache. It was baked goods heaven. I wish I had gotten a picture of it for you all, what was I thinking?

Then on Sunday we grabbed some morning donuts from the Donut Plant on the lower west side. The line was insane really, the longest I've ever seen it. Well worth the wait though. Carrie dared to try the rose petal donut, while I stuck to the fabulous coconut cream filled. MMmm. You would think everyone in the city would be large and in charge, but thanks to all that walking, the calories just melt away.
After our breakfast we headed to SoHo for a little shopping. Unfortunately, I found some excellent shoe deals I just couldn't walk away from {haha, get it?}. So I lugged around a heavy pair of boots and a gorgeous pair of tan suede stilettos for the rest of the day. I bought this little mushroom strictly for photo shoots cause it's just too darn cute and I picked up the bracelet in Pearl River Mart, a chinese mecca of adorable treasures. Everyone wanted a wrought iron teapot but none of us wanted to carry it home!
I also picked up a couple of birthday gifts for some lucky ladies.
Well, I know I promised closet photos, but maybe tomorrow! I may even have to purge some old shoes to make room for the new ones...


embee said...

#1 - yes you need to purge since you told me to get rid of some clothes.
#2 - carrie is so stinking adorable i hate her a little.
#3 - i need to go back to the city with you, none of my crazy children with me, and do some fun flea market shopping!!

Kelly said...

i seriously wish i could have been there! sounds like y'all had fun. :)

Jennifer said...

Show us the shoes!!

carrie said...

loved the weekend!! you're the best tour guide EVER!! you rock:0)

daisygirl said...

I love that turquoise flower ring! So cute!

noordinarysparrow said...

You can ship the old shoes my way if they're a size 8 1/2!

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