Thursday, February 03, 2011

felty love

I've always had a thing for felt projects but never really found one I could just love. Well, I'm officially hooked. These little flowers look great on just about everything. I'm even considering making a few extra large ones for the new giant blue glass container. Hmm...

I digress. Here are some more hairclips:
And a trio on a pinback, with a recipient already picked out:
Another ribbon belt for moi {think simply like jeans and a tank top OR wrapped around a winter cardigan} and a jumbo paperclip version:
and the cutest sweetest littlest ring. Which I shall keep. And I shall call him Fred. Not really, but the heather gray is just AMORE:
Well, that's my ten minutes I can dedicate to you guys today. I had a lot of fun taking these pictures but I have lots of at-home work to complete with deadlines today and tomorrow. I may not get to leave the house until Saturday! Add that to figuring out what is going on with my website and I'm going to need a trip to Target.

1 comment:

noordinarysparrow said...

Where did you find the tutorial on these? they are sweet.

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