Friday, February 25, 2011

the amazing morphing closet


So this nook actually began as a closet. With a strange step-up and some sliding pocket doors. It originally was part of the 1st floor bedroom that's now our dining room. Remember that wall we knocked down?

Well, the picture above was my temporary set-up. I knew we wanted to do something more built-in eventually. Something that would flow with the kitchen and act as a laptop desk/buffet/message center. For now it comfortably houses our ginormous mac which will head upstairs once that office is complete. When I do work from home, I can pop down here with the laptop and soak in the sun from the kitchen slider.

So after some sweat and blood and almost tears, here is the {semi} finished message center.
The cabinets and countertop match exactly what we did in the kitchen. I put them together and installed them myself! I even drilled the holes for the drawer hardware. Is it crooked? The reason I say the space isn't finished yet, is merely because IKEA didn't have the toekicks I needed in stock. So we'll all have to stare at the ugly cabinet legs until then...I also have to rework the wiring, which may mean having the electrician add an outlet inside the nook. I also have to find and buy some baskets/inserts for the shelves. They're a very odd and small size, so it's proving a little difficult. I'll just keep my eye out until I find the perfect match.
I taped and painted a chalkboard along the whole back wall. I like that we'll be able to write messages on here and I can keep my to-do list very accessible.
I put a cork board on the other wall, on the inside left, so you wouldn't see it when you walk into the kitchen. If I don't have order, I like to at least create the illusion. I also whipped up some new fabric-covered coordinating pushpins.
I found the accessory holders on sale at IKEA, but now that they're in the space, I might go back and opt for something that's more up and down instead of leaning out so far. The letter/bill holder is a metal napkin holder I picked up at the thrift store and spray painted.
Here's a very blurry picture of the IKEA drawer organizer and just how splendidly it works. Love it.
And for quick access to important paperwork or files, I have metal magazine holders up top along with some cardboard file holders from Target. I think they were 3$ a piece.

Well that's about it, hope you enjoyed it, I know I do, everyday! I love me some organizing.


Jennifer said...

Cheri -
Love the new space! Here's a tip for your odd sized shelves. I found a blog that gives a tutorial on making canvas storage baskets out of cardboard boxes! So if you can find a cardboard box to fit in the space, viola! you can have a customized storage space! Here is the website:
Hope it helps!

Jen (you know, Jana's sister!)

Jennifer and Maddy said...

awesome tiny J to go with your giant C :)

carrie said...

that looks amazing!! love love it!

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