Thursday, September 09, 2010

save me the crumbs


So right before I left Brooklyn, they had announced that a 'crumbs' bake shop was coming to my beloved Montague Street. This would have proved deadly for sure, since my walk home every night was right by this shop window. SO I can't be sure it's a bad thing that I was never there to enjoy it.

Well a visit to nyc, always ends with me devouring lots of baked goods and pastries, so I decided to stop by and try out the new place. Not a bad view when you're charging your cell phone and you're just tired of the starbucks crowd.

Even though there was a glaring 'no photography' sign, I decided to ask the girl if I could take a few shots and she conceded that the sign was dumb and I could snap away. Secretly I just wanted a shot of these cupcakes, so I could eventually make my own at home (so maybe the sign's not so dumb after all):



carrie said...

Oh my goodness, those apple cupcakes are so cute, and perfect for fall! Hmmmm, this post makes me hungry!!:)

Sharon said...

Is that a pretzel stick for a stem? Oh I think that's within my skill set!!

Andrea said...

I made orange pumpkin ones last fall for a children's fall party at church. I love the apple though too! Very cute.

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