Saturday, September 11, 2010



Here's a couple of gifts I made up for a 1-yr birthday party today. The M's are easy iron-ons that I machine-stitched for extra security. The clips were made to match using fabric covered buttons, hot glue, silk flowers and some fabric.
This one was surprisingly easy. Just a couple scraps of fabric, leave a slit in the back piece and then stitch the edges together with a machine or by hand. Then I ironed on teeny tiny cut-outs from the matching fabric and done. Really quick and simple.

Today the last of the demo work is getting done on the house, and this week will start the actual putting back together! This is the exciting part....I should have pictures of the progress soon. I may also be painting a couple of the more completed rooms this week.


carrie said...

oh my word!! These little gifts couldn't get any cuter!! Absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

Too darn cute! Love it...I have a niece celebrating her 2nd next week....just may have to try the clips :o)

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