Thursday, September 02, 2010

bear with me


while i get all reflective up in here. Have you ever had one of those days where you're so completely happy and satisfied and you can't help but wonder why you've been so blessed? Well my friends, today was one of those days. I spent the better part of the day freelancing at a local design firm after apparently making a stellar first impression last week. It seems I may now be their go-to gal when the work is bubbling over. This makes me incredibly grateful, yay for cold-calling! Then I headed straight to the house and spent a couple of hours elbow-deep in nasty insulation. After that was cleaned up (6 or so black garbage bags later), I tidied up the place and brought in any outdoor debris to avoid messy cleanup after tomorrow's anticipated storm. I forgot to eat dinner, so I stopped in to Target and rewarded my aching back and my empty stomach with a starbucks frappuccino (healthy, yes?) and a new pair of fall boots.

Not a very exciting day for most people, but the fact that I was able to accomplish so much in lue of my trip to nyc tomorrow made me very pleased. And it helps that I got an 'i'm proud of you, good job' from my favorite man in the world (you're my favorite too, dad), which makes me a pretty happy camper.

To say I've been blessed would be the understatement of the year (even with all my I-really-wish-I-didn't-have-to-move-away-from-brooklyn self-pity). So here's to remembering every day, that even though my back aches, I am physically able to do hard labor, and even though I don't have a steady job anymore, I'm given opportunities to make great first impressions with my talents. Even though we bought a HUGE project house, together we're able to imagine how beautiful it will be in the end, and even though there are bills to pay, there is money in the accounts to pay them with.

So thanks for reading all that, if you even did and i'm thankful for all of you as well! Every single comment makes me happy, and every single one of you that has become my friend is a true blessing. So before I get all sappy on you, just remember, even the things that seem like trials, may just turn out to be blessings in the end.

Good night, and remember, no craft night tomorrow since I'll be off in NYC!


Andrea said...

hurray for all good things from up above. And the ability to recognize who the blessings in life come from.
Looking forward to seeing your progress on the, we need pictures!

Cherry said...

Awweee great post to read first thing in the morning!!

I"m glad things are going so well tinkster!!

Kelly said...

this was such a nice post to read. :)

embee said...


Carrie said...

Such a happy post and I love that!!:) So excited that God has blessed you all in so many ways!Wish we could help more with your housing projects, but i do love looking at the pics of all your progress!!

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