Thursday, June 10, 2010

tinkerwiththis party


so the date changed since something else was recently announced for the 26th. something that would take away a few of my favorite participants, SO, i changed it to friday night instead of saturday. hopefully this doesn't throw too many of you off.

the artwork on this card was done by the talented amy moss who you can find over at eat, drink, chic. i changed the colors though to go along with the shop packaging and design.

i'm planning a bunch of cute decor and setup for all my products and i'll have a bunch of color-coordinated drinks and desserts. it should be a good time! so who's coming?!? email me for the address and directions if you need them.


carrie said...

i'm in but you already knew that;>) cute invite!!

janabanana said...

I wish I could be there! I would love to visit and eat and drink pink drinks and shop. Sounds like so much fun. Hope it goes well!

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