Monday, June 28, 2010

the inbetween


one of the things i miss most about brooklyn, and the city in general, is the architecture. everywhere you look there's history and beautiful buildings and detailed artwork. so when i see that here in connecticut, i have to photograph it. i remind myself that there's just as much beauty in new england {i adore you new england, nyc was just a fling, i promise}.
this church is right behind my apartment. well, there's a cemetery between us, but it's not a creepy cemetery, if there is such a thing. i thought it would be a beautiful wedding location, gravesites and all and just yesterday we drove by and sure enough, there was a bride and groom out front having pictures taken.
these churches are amazingly beautiful and i waited patiently for just the right sky to capture them. i think it was worth it. i love how gorgeous the colors in these images are, the blues and the greens are just amazing. i'd like to chronicle all the churches of connecticut maybe just for myself, maybe for a photo book. i'm sure it's been done before, but i like the idea of photo projects, even if i never finish them.


carrie said...

yea, that cemetery is where Grampy sits and reads. He called me the other day because he left his lights on and needed some jumper cables and the use of my jeep. Hehe! I guess he knows where to go so he won't be disturbed:) Gorgeous photos, i love this church building to. Simply stunning!!

Andrea said...

beatiful. Love the sky, you captured it perfectly.
How did the party go? Any goods left? I want one of those makeup bags1

tinkhomie said...

yes i do have some left over, i will definitely post them here or on etsy but i'll keep you updated!

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