Wednesday, June 16, 2010

computer cozy


it sounds much more comfortable than 'laptop sleeve', no?

the apartment is all a frenzy with piles of fabric everywhere and tiny crafting supplies embedded in the carpet. i'm gearing up for the party next weekend and even though i only have 3 rsvp'd guests (ha!) i'm genuinely excited. anyway, amidst all the crazy, i sat down and spent an hour making an easy laptop cover from some ikea fabric and a recycled blanket for padding. after some freehand quilting to keep the blanket in place, i created an envelope design with an easy velcro opening and voi la. should i make you guys a tutorial?
simple and easy and makes a pretty good lap mat.



n8andbumber said...

I LOVE it! and by all means, need a tutorial!! Sorry I haven't been by in forever, but glad you are doing well. wish I could run up to CT for your party!!

tinkhomie said...

it's so good to see you amber!!

carrie said...

complete awsomeness!! I love all your stuff!!:)

carrie said...

hmmm, i can't spell:/

n8andbumber said...

p.s. notice my bit of craftiness in the prof!
Don't worry, I still read your blog, but a certain little man keeps me too busy to ever comment.

embee said...

i love that fabric. so cute. i wish i had a laptop. i'd be checking blogs a lot more often!!

oh and 3 guests, whatever.. more snacks and strawberry lemon bars for us!

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