Saturday, January 02, 2010

this is not the blog you're looking for

or at least it hasn't been lately. to be honest, i have to have priorities because there's just not enough time in the day. i've cut back on a lot of things, and unfortunately they're most of the things that make me happy. like friends and crafting and photography and exercise. it's been a busy year, summer came and went and things still didn't slow down.

new york city is a rough city. you spend all day at work and the rest of it on a train then if you have any energy left you pull something out of the freezer, toss it in the stove and crash on the couch for a night of useless tv. and then wake up and do it all again! there's a lot of cool things about living here, but the day to day is draining. well, add a few additional stressful elements in the mix and i've had myself a few rough months. mentally and physically.

so what's a girl to do?
the only thing she can do.
adjust her attitude.

here's to a new year and a blog back to normal. or maybe i'll just make you all care about my life...


embee said...

:( sounds like you need some soup and a big comfy sweater, possibly in a little house in CT. :) LOL.

revamped*midge said...

here's to a new year! I take living in a small city too much for granted! I enjoy your blogs, pic, crafts so much! You are so very much an inspiration for me to continue crafting and you have awesome ideas! You should do a book- you live in the publishing capital of the US (not sure that's accurate but close anyway) I hope this year brings you greater peace and rest! Would love to visit BTW! ;) I'm sure you haven't had plenty of those!

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