Thursday, January 28, 2010

revenge of the dots

i know i know, i need to update! i've been waiting for a photo to update BUT there's too much to talk about and not enough to take photos of SO it's a photo-less blog post. ugh, i hate those. being the visual person i am and everything.

so the dots are back. er, still here. they come and go and itch and dry up and appear anywhere and everywhere. still no clue what they are BUT i did discover i'm allergic to my shave gel AND this chemical they use in lots of rubber products and shoes. yes, shoes. so my new fancy boots that i LOVED are sitting in time-out in my closet. so that all explains away the hideous flesh-eating rash from the end of last year BUT it doesn't explain all these DOTS!!

anyway, i'm following a gut feeling that i might be allergic to peppermint. can you develop an allergy to something so common and specific after 30 years? i'm perplexed.


Melissa said...

Peppermint AND shoes?? :-(
I think it is possible to develop an allergy to such a common thing (ex: milk, eggs, wheat, gluten, etc.), and I think it's also possible to develop the allergy at your young age. I knew someone who found out she was allergic to her own sweat when she was about 35! Hadn't been before that, but MAN did it make life nasty then! Chalk it up to getting older and our hormones changing??
Sorry, Charlie.

embee said...

Seriously you make me thankful that with my old age I'm getting gray hair and mittelschmerz or whatever it's called. Better than mysterious dots.

Hey I'll bring my camera this weekend and you cab have a pic if the two of us! Woo hoo

Jennifer and Maddy said...

omg embee- no way- i think i've been getting mittleschmertz too!

but cheri, sorry about your shoe addiction... er i mean shoe allergy. that's gonna suck when stuff is on sale.

embee said...

Jen I went to my midwife and they are going to run tests, but she says the only thingfor me is birth control. Boo!

Becky said...

I think it is possible-- I had a weird incident last summer where I thought I got poison ivy at work, and as this past year's gone on, I've discovered that somewhere between age 26 and now (28), I've developed an allergy to Neosporin and other similar antibiotics!

daisygirl said...

Okay, I had to look up mittelschmerz because I have never heard of it and thought she was making up something! LOL
I have heard about many people developing allergies to something in their 30's. Just had a friend find out she has developed an allergy to eggs. I found some egg replacer and gave it to her for Christmas! But shoes? Seriously? I'd be so depressed...poor you!

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