Tuesday, January 19, 2010


so tomorrow morning i have patch testing at the allergist. i have all my little baggies filled and labeled. laundry detergent. soap. body lotion. etc etc. basically they create patches from the substances and stick them to my back. for two days. well, the good news is i don't have food allergies, which i'm sure is very limiting. thank goodness i can still stuff my face with whatever i want. cause that's what's really important here.

anyway, i'm hanging in there and a lot of cedaphil and some locally applied steroid cream seems to have helped over the past weekend. as has the mild weather, which i'm hoping sticks around.

on a side note i'm a little aggravated with myself lately. i've been a bit absent minded and the most recent thing is a misplaced memory card ad reader from/for my EOS camera. not a good thing to lose. along with a missing flash, i really need to start paying attention.


Melissa said...

Aww, good luck on your test tomorrow! I hope you get 100% :o)
I, too, would be devastated with a food allergy. I'm a pretty picky eater as it is, so if someone told me I couldn't eat something on my short-list, I think I'd just have to suffer the consequences!
And maybe the cetaphil has the common side effect of making one doofy! :o)

Anonymous said...

I hope you get some answers Cheri!

carrie said...

awww, cheri, you've had such a rough time with this. i'll pray the dr's can come up with a conlusion that will solve the mystery. hope you feel better soon!! missed you this past weekend!!

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