Monday, May 05, 2008

this is brooklyn, baby

brooklynview.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

we're officially here, as i mentioned before. i would show you pics of our apartment, but it's very modern and cold, corporate, boring, and so not us. instead, here's a picture of our view. it's also a five minute walk from husband's job.

i think today i'll sit by the water and apply for jobs, then take a walk to our apartment that's not quite ours yet and there's a few missing toiletry items that i need to pick up at the rite-aid downstairs. seriously. there's a rite-aid, a bank, and small grocery store right at the base of our building. it's pretty close to perfect. for now anyway.


Melissa said...

I've got a job idea for you -- you know how people pay good money to go to NYC from all over the planet? Welp, you could be like a B&B for them. And you could plan little outings for them, and give them maps to the subway and stuff. Whadya think? ...although, it might be a wee bit challenging considering the size of your apartment. Oh well, 'twas an idear.
Have a great, productive, job-gettin' week, chickadee!

embee said...

forget getting a job. make a baby.

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