Monday, May 12, 2008

summer in the city

our first official visitor: kate only came down from syracuse for the day, but it was fun to spend time with her and show her the new neighborhood. i even ventured over to manhattan on the train to meet her in midtown.

we even made the trip together to purl patchwork in soho. cute little shop but for some reason i was expecting a much bigger location. there was still a lot of great fabric to choose from...

like these cute japanese import fabrics. once i get my machine back they'll most likely make it into tissue holders. speaking of getting my machine back, i can't wait to get into our apartment. seriously. three more weeks and counting.

ps: there's sleet and rain and cold today. so i'm trapped indoors. boo.

1 comment:

tink's mommy said...

Don't you think it is time to post a new one????? OBTW, thanks for my card...=)

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