Friday, May 16, 2008

on the radio

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ok, so i haven't been around. let's just say i'm busy having a pity party because i miss my friends, my house, my stuff, having a full house all the time, oh, and having a job. it's been pretty boring these past few days. stir crazy. cabin fever. ya know? i know you do kelly.

anyway, this weekend it's all about fun. husband is working {boo} but that means i get to hang out in his hotel and spend my saturday exploring manhattan! woot. so here's a view from our swanky hotel room {see radio city hall, sorry about the crappy picture}...i'm heading out in the rain to shop a bit on 6th avenue. i think 6th is for people who can't afford 5th? i don't know, i'm making that up.

so this begs the question...what should i do all day tomorrow? anyone? anyone? the zoo? central park? fabric shopping? all of the above?


Wannabe said...

The first thing I would do would be to visit MMOA and then venture into Central Park West and get lunch...or maybe go to Rockefeller Center since you are so close...the gardens should be in now and there is a pricey but fabulous French restaurant called Brasserie Ruhlman there or even Le Bonne Soupe which is cheaper and still French....Yummmm. If you are going on a date with your hubs, you can try Top Of The Rock that has awesome views of the Empire State Bldg and the Chrysler Bldg. Can you tell I love the city?

mgk's mom said...

i miss seeing the stuff you make and sell... sigh. when is that going to start again?

Kelly said...

i titally know how you feel!

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