Friday, March 21, 2008

new shoes for the trouble

gretta_shoes.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

so i'm back. and busier than ever. well, there's just a lot of things to mark off the to-do list as usual.

we didn't find a place to live BUT we have time yet. till May actually. i'm not stressing about it. i know i'll get a cute quaint apartment for way too much money in the exact part of town we want to live. it'll be fine. right?

a new gretta for the shop. she'll be there {probably} the beginning of next week. she's even better than her older sisters, she has two nice-sized pockets and an interior 'tinkerwiththis' tag. it's cute, take my word for it.

and those lovely new shoes? who could resist. kenneth coles on clearance. i love tjmax.


embee said...

the shoes? i'm way jealous. i had a pair of fake steve madden from payless that just broke the other day. they were cute with jeans and skirts. you can't beat that.

knowing me i'd head to marshalls (who has tj maxx anymore?!?) and they'd only be available in size 6 and 11.

daisygirl said...

Love the new Greta! very cute!

thejeffr said...

nice shoes. Let's see a pic of your BOOTS!

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