Thursday, March 13, 2008

cheap rent under the bridge

and a 115 dollar parking ticket later...we still don't have a place. the good news is we're not moving until may now so we've got time. bad news is we didn't know you had to park at least 3 feet from a fire hydrant.

can't write much, i've got two wee little ones climbing all over me. makes concentrating..wait, uh. how do mom's blog anyway?


thejeffr said...

NEITHER of you knew the fire hydrant rule? You need to get out more, Tink.
May now, huh? Well, it will be better weather anyways.

daisygirl said...

Now you know why I only have five minutes to check email and your blog-usually with kids clamoring for attention or climbing on me, jumping on me, throwing things at me, at each other...etc.!

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