Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hotel Cafe Tour 2008

HotelCafeTour.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

find a show near you here.

1: the cary brothers
2: joshua radin and me!
3: jeff and me!
4: priscilla ahn
5: ingrid michaelson

it was fantastic, thanks to this guy for telling me about it...which he'll never let me live down.

it was a great show, they all impressed. ahn was incredible, i really recommend her to everyone, she's got a CD coming out this summer i guess. i'm really a fan of these {smaller venue} shows because you get a real feel for these people and their personalities. joshua radin was really nice and he said 'hey' to kelly who got to meet him in ohio...and then there was this song about boobies.

what a nice way to spend a wednesday night! especially when you don't have to wake up the next morning for work, haha suckers....


Wannabe said...

I would DIE to see Ingrid Michaelson! Lucky girl!

Kelly said...

what about boobies?!

i've listened to ahn's music on her myspace page before and wasn't impressed. maybe i'll have to give her another try.

Anonymous said...

tink, there's this little thing called red-eye. i'm sure the antidote is in your all inclusive photoshop.

thejeffr said...

Nice post. And yes, you will forever be in my debt. Make your peace with it. :D

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