Thursday, January 17, 2008

shop update for this chilly morning

shop_update.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

well, it's chilly here. anyway, some cute things i've been meaning to put up for a week now. valentines day earrings, some super awesome tiny rings, more pendants, ect...check it out if you want to waste some time at work. you know you do.

ok, so the ipod problem. i'm going to wait on the laptop {seriously? yes.}, i really like the idea of moving to the city with zero debt. that's right i said it, zero bills. so why would i want to magically create a 2,000 dollar credit card bill? no thanks.

for now i'll buy mac leopard {which by the way is so awesome, i can't wait to get it} and maybe update the ram and capacity of my G5 tower. then i can use my new fancy ipod. and the hundred dollars i saved on the ipod will go toward the purchase of leopard, so it's really a wash but i get a new ipod and awesome new running system out of the deal. tragedy overted!

{ok, so it's not a tragedy really, just a wee bit of stress, really must remember there are people who have actual tragedies happen to them all the time which makes me and all my whining seem so very small. apologies...}

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hungry for chocolate cake jen said...

i absolutely adore those little rings! and they're adjustable! woot! i miss wearing my rings since my fingers have gotten fat... i had to take my mother's ring off and i now wear my wedding band on a chain... i might just purchase one. if i remember to anyway, the baby has moved from eating my chocolate cake to eating my brain i swear i'm losing my mind!

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