Wednesday, January 02, 2008

and now back to your regularly scheduled life

we're back from vacation. although, i think racking up 1,100 miles on your subaru hardly counts as vacation.

lots of good times with family and friends and you know what, not that many pictures! i vowed this trip to spend less time behind the camera and more time taking mental pictures. i got to chill with the infamous logorrhea. spent most of the morning trying to track down a fabric store which we eventually did, spent lots of christmas money there and then finished it all off with some delicious pizza. {we missed you sarah!}

didn't go to brooklyn like we wanted to, but i think we've narrowed down where we want to live, well, sort of. did i tell you we have to move by the end of march? so basically we have lots to do. lots. and lots and lots. and then lots more.

here's to 2008, may you be our busiest, craziest funnest year yet.

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daisygirl said...

We got back last night, and Tink, got you beat. Try over 2,000 miles (that is round trip mind you) on our new van, with two kids, and tons of snow! Thank God my parents got us a portable DVD player for the trip! I have never been so thankful to be warm and safe after a trip.

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