Monday, May 21, 2007

i certainly haven't been shopping for any new shoes

IMG_7342_blwhtrees.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

so with all the money i made on the yard sale the husband and i went out to breakfast and shopped yesterday. it was nice, i tried on about 72 summer dresses and ended up buying zero. how hard is it to find a comfy, cute and perfect summer dress? hard. i found a lot of them screamed not-for-church which is my main purpose of buying a new dress or skirt.

i didn't get to make any new bags which made me really really sad. but i did get some much needed house cleaning done and we had some friends over for cards and lasagna. yum to both.

this week it's my pre-op appointment tomorrow and then packing for the long holiday weekend in connecticut. yee. ha. {oh, and i'm pretty sure i need a new ipod. the old one crapped out AGAIN which means i'm scrambling to restore all my muzak prior to a four-hr car trip. yay.}

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