Friday, May 04, 2007

friday favorites: clear blue skies, tiny elephants and busy saturdays

this whole week it's been sunny and bright. it's still chilly but it's not gray. did you people here me? not. gray. yeah, syracuse. the city that only gets on average 20% of the available sunlight. gray dreary syracuse has been bright and sunny. get out.

my binky the elephant arrived yesterday. i'm not thrilled with the ribbon chain i made for him, but that's an easy fix. i'm still getting compliments on him, and he matches my new red payless flip flops.

tomorrow i'm heading to a very hidden {hopefully promising} fabric store that's right down the street from me! who knew? so i'm hoping to find some cute fabrics for headbands and a mother's day gift i'll be making this weekend. i wouldn't mind getting some patterns from joanns later and possibly checking out the martha section at michaels. maybe i'll put together some sushi magnets for the shop, and i want to try some ribbon bracelets {just an idea i had to use up my cute ribbon stash}. and i need to package and send out everything for my store, and from sales on ebay. oi vey.

1 comment:

Wannabe said...

Here's to hoping you get a lot done this weekend!

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