Friday, May 11, 2007

friday favorites: obsessions

IMG_7348_twolips.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

i tend to get obsessed with something whenever i start it. like sewing. love it. i'm wearing my own headband and carrying stella around and i feel so very creative and accomplished. even though no one knows i made headband or stella. but i'm obsessed with sewing now. i'm constantly noticing bags and fabrics and colors and thinking how i can use or replicate or find it in my own stuff.

my etsy store. i'm constantly thinking of new things to make and sell. i even dream about it. it's weird. next up are wooden necklace pendants and more wallets. and i still have some shirts to photograph this weekend...

shopping: although i'm now on a budget {my checkbook thanks me} i still get completely obsessed. i. just. need. to. shop. i do, i don't know why. i love new clothes. new shoes. new. i just love new stuff. there really should be shopping rehab facilities for people like me.

and finally, this blog: i'm really obsessed. with photos, with posting, with making people interested, with comments, with meeting total strangers. i just love that i have readers who are maybe slightly interested in what i have to say even if it makes no sense. ever. gnomes taste better with a butter sauce. see. totally random and you love it. admit it.


Wannabe said...







morninglory kitsch said...

i like a nice lemon cream sauce on my gnomes.

can't fool jen said...

"although i'm now on a budget"


tinker said...

HEY! you get your stinking sarcasm right outta here...i still spend less than you. so there.

shopaholic jen said...

maybe but i doubt it!

Sarah said...

yes, totally love the ramdomness. gnomes - hilarious!

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