Tuesday, November 28, 2006

whatsa happenin hot stuff?

i'm back from a beautiful sunny weekend in connecticut! seriously. the weather was amazing. i didn't even need the coat i packed. thanksgiving we spent with my husband's side of the family and they love food. i ate so much sweet potato casserole i walked funny the rest of the night. and i scored a knock-off coach bag for free! apparently his aunt didn't like it much and i was doting on it, so she handed it over and said 'it's yours!'.

next day i was up at five to hit the sales! it wasn't as crazy as i thought it would be, except for khols whose lines were wrapping around the entire store. it was fun and i got a few good deals, but had i not been tagging along with a couple of friends i probably wouldn't have dragged my butt out of bed for it. BUT i'm 95% done with my Christmas shopping. {hate me, hate me now} this week i plan to wrap and mail what needs to go, then i'll plop the rest under the tree we pick out this weekend.

and we get to paint the bathroom this week/weekend! the walls are finished so now we can move on with the floor and the paint. i'm really hoping to have it finished this weekend since we're hosting a christmas party in the next couple of weeks....here's to hoping.

oh and one more thing. my husband totally ruined the IKEA experience for me. if you've ever been, you know the marketplace is the best part of the whole trip! and i got completely rushed through it to the checkouts. i spent 9 dollars. 9 dollars! grrr.


jen said...

never take the husband to ikea... you should know better!

mmmmmmmmarybeth said...

christmas gifts completed? did i remember to tell you i hate you today?

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