Wednesday, November 01, 2006


if you love music, keep reading. if not, just leave a nasty comment about how i should write something relevant to your life and/or interests.

i thought i'ld pass on some personal opinions about what your itunes should consist of:

must own newish single:
jewel's "again and again"
fan of jewel but didn't appreciate the pink t-d pop album that was so harmful to her music career but oh so good for her modeling one? don't worry, this is a mix of new jewel old jewel. it's poplicious but with talent and sense.

must own dance album:
scissor sisters "self-titled"
want an updated version of abba? here it is. this UK group is lively and fun with all the funky clothes but without all the weird accents.

must own album:
jem "finally woken"
she's categorized as electronica? strange. i don't think you can really categorize this album. check it out. it's one of the only albums i've bought that i don't skip through a single song.

must own new artist:
nerina pallot "fires"
first heard her while listening to the british pop station. except what's considered british pop music is actually good. she's a singer/songwriter/piano player amazingly talented beautiful woman. pretty sure she's american and if you check out her website you can listen to the entire album in it's entirety. not sure if itunes even has her listed yet. unfortunately, i don't think we'll be hearing her here in the next few months which is normally what happens with UK music, since she's older than 15, plays an instrument and actually has talent.

i have more, but i really need to get back to working!


jen said...

i told Jem what you said about her album
she was very pleased

tinker said...

wow. nice. well tell her i listen to it ALL the time. and i'm not trying to suck up for a free t-shirt or anything. i really do listen to it constantly.

mbeth said...

and should i purchase these or jsut wait for a mysterious package...?

or maybe i should try and send out the music that i said i would. hmm.

tinker said...

you should wait....and send. gosh.

jen said...

don't worry, you won't get a free t-shirt

Wannabe said...

Everyone says that Jem is amazing...but you know what stops me...Jem and the FREAKING Holograms....does anyone else remember that show? I'm scarred for life.

jem i mean jen said...

was there a cartoon for them? i think i had the barbie doll Jem. she had a pink outfit

tinker said...

Jem! said...

yep that's her!

mbeth said...

so how does jen know so much about music. isn't she the one who introduced you to travis or something? TELL US

tinker said...

jennifer is my cousin who used to work in nyc for a lawyer who represented bands. she used to inform me of anyone she thought i would like who was up and coming. and her cousin actually worked for a label in the same building. i think. anyway, i found travis on the UK radio station {Virgin}. they usually get the good music 3 months before it migrates here. franz ferdinand, keane, travis, snow patrol, ect. were being played there months before we even heard them for the first time.

jen said...

i miss that job!
i miss the free cd's and shows and bad demos

mmmmmmmmarybeth said...

yeah i knew jen was your cousin. do you think i don't pay attention to anything????? :)

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