Friday, November 17, 2006

we are all made of stars

cake_stars.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

this is a nifty little idea i saw in a magazine a while back. cookie cutters + sprinkles = fun frosted cakes. this was my first try so i admit, it's a little weak. plus i used a metal cookie cutter and i tend to think a plastic one that cost more than 48 cents would work better.

so onto friday faves:
these are holiday themed since i won't be here next friday, i'll be eating leftover turkey and pumpkin pie and sleeping on someone else's recliner.

hot cocoa with peppermint candy canes: delicious sweet drink. although peppermint schnapps would work just as well.

mistletoe: love the look of the little plant, and it's an excuse to smooch it up.

pumpkin pie: love the season of apple pies and pumpkin pies and crisps and all those awesome fruit and veggie desserts.

sweet potato casserole: with marshmallow on top. yum, can't wait to have some next week. boston market also makes a great one, for those of you who actually have a boston market near you. lucky.

after thanksgiving sales: it ignites the fire of the bargain shopper in me. 3 for $10? i'll take 6.

Christmas street decorations: it makes any drab city look shiny and pretty when white lights line the sidewalks.

My church: it's nice to have people surrounding you that look at things with a realistic positivity that eventually wears off on you.

that's all for today kids. have a great weekend...mine'll be stressful! {picking out tile, painting, a sleepover at MY house with 10 girls and only one bathroom, trying to squeeze in the netflix movies that just showed up...should be a blast!}


mom said...

You are my star.....=* ~~kiss~~

tinker said...

i knew i had to be somebody's! thanks mom...speaking of, the stars were bright lastnight, but this morning all the clouds were back for another grey day. ugh.

mom said...

yeah, we have the greys too. and the wind, so much for my cool wooden screen door on the front of the house....oh well, firewood. love you.

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