Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Welcome to spring

This morning i was planning on wearing my new green heels in celebration of sunshine. Instead, i’m wearing sneakers, jeans and a gray sweater thanks to the foot of snow on the ground. Actually, two sweaters, thanks to the heat not working right.

On the bright side my new music arrived yesterday, which was a nice surprise since i never got an e-mail saying when it was shipped. I kind of liked it that way better. So far i love two of the five. So far i’ve only listened to two of the five so the odds are good.

In dark side news, my truck is giving me trouble, and part of it’s warranty just expired at 75K. it’s something to do with the 4x4, right now it’s stuck in 4-wheel, and getting through the parking garage was an interesting experience. Turning an axel in 4-wheel drive while on dry ground is something you’re not supposed to do. So tonight i’ll drop it at the shop and hope for the best. But i’m not expecting it.

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