Wednesday, March 22, 2006

don't forget to pay the government

we finally did our taxes. it’s like this huge burden off our shoulders. i mean, we still have to send them to our accountant in nyc today, and hope he doesn’t have any questions for us and then he’ll file them and send us back paperwork to sign and we’ll get some money! hopefully. hopefully it’s enough to redo the bathroom and buy two plane tickets to los angeles. did you know you can write off the cost of filing your taxes from the last year?

it’s spring and it’s snowing. i need a vacation. i’m so sick of winter clothes and winter coats and gloves and scarves and mittens and cracked skin and runny noses. good news is the truck is fixed. brand new brakes. for half what the dealer wanted to charge. nice.

digging into your closet for an outfit you haven't worn in a while is great. it makes you realize what clothes you actually hate and why, and instead of tossing them back in the closet, you can decide who to give them away to. jen, you're getting some new pants!

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