Friday, March 03, 2006

anyone for a makeover to make you feel better

when you’re bored and sick and banished to the couch with a box of tissues and some ‘sex and the city’ reruns, you do stupid things. me, i painted my nails. i never paint my nails. only for special occasions, like weddings or, weddings. i only paint my nails for weddings when i’ve also done my hair, makeup and am wearing a gorgeous flowing dress. but now, as i stare down at my typing fingers i feel a little flutter of anxiety wondering whose fingers those nicely polished and manicured nails belong to. certainly not me. but they’re mine. they feel so…so…girly. and they’re pink to top it off. i'm definately not feeling like myself this week.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

i never paint my fingernails either, but my toenails are pink!

what's better than watching sex & the city reruns? sounds like every tuesday night at the spear house, much to grant's dismay.

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