Thursday, October 28, 2004

everyday conversation

mel: ooooh i've only been skiing once. it was fun.

c: i'm a big fan of the hot cocoa.

mel: do you like the face plant? you better learn to.

c: yeah i have no idea what you're talking about.
i hate ski lifts though. i cry like a big baby. it's funny. you'll enjoy that.
mel: your face... in the snow... = face plant.

c: please. i'ld like to see you try.
cause you will most certainly die.
when i hit you in the eye.
with a fly. ball.

mel: you can't rhyme.
neither can me.

c: you suck pie. bye.

mel: thanks skank.


Anonymous said...

This Mel character sounds incredibly funny.

Anonymous said...

luckily she has a nice personality.

or so i've been told.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing you two get along with your Egos.

Anonymous said...

i make mine sleep in the garage.


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