Friday, October 15, 2004

dear diary

I'm pretty much behind in every aspect of my life. I go on vacation in one month. When I come back from that I’ll just toss everything and start over. Good plan.

I look good today. Like something that stepped out of a magazine. It makes me happy. It's not every day a woman can choose the perfect outfit, the perfect shoes, get her hair just right and use concealer as well as I have. Most days I look like something that rolled out of bed and tried not nearly hard enough. It's given me a strange confidence. Just this morning I snapped back at my boss. He hung his tail and cowered in the corner for a while. It was great.

On a side note, eating Krispy Kreme donuts is like asking to be a diabetic.

weight: 108 ciggys: 0 alchohol units: none, yet


embee said...

alright now, bridget, lets not have you acting crazy.

psst, i had on a good outfit today too, and the hair tie with the fruit dangling off it. the jealousy my coworkers possessed was staggering.

Anonymous said...

i'ld be jealous too. i mean, that's class right there. anything glittery and dangly.


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