Monday, October 04, 2004


I can't believe it's already fall. Already October. Already my birthday. As if 26 wasn't hard enough. I feel old. I still look 17, but that's just good genes.

Well, the good news is we get birthdays off at this wretched job of mine. The bad news is the cable guys are coming to install our digital phone service. Between 12 and 5. Just to insure that even if I thought about doing the least littlest exciting thing for my birthday, they would foil my plans.

So my plan is to buy lots of glittery, clingy, too-tight-for-me clothes. I'll wear them for a while, and then when i finally come to my senses and realize that although the better part of the 13 year old female population has larger breasts than me, this in no way entitles me to dress like them. I will then donate everything to a traveling circus. Maybe they'll name a stunt after me.

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