Friday, June 28, 2013

Learning our colors, crafty-style

I sometimes forget that I need to teach her a few things here and there, like counting, colors, words, shapes, how to brush her teeth, to be polite {actually, we're really good at that one} and pretty much everything. Usually it just takes showing her once. Then she picks it up and we move on. Well, I decided if we were going to learn our colors, it might as well be creatively. Because she is, after all, my daughter.

I give you peak-a-peeps! Silly name I know. But the general idea is there. Learn your colors and learn how to compare and match them up.

You can pick up packages of these little candle cups and the wooden pegs at any craft store. I just used acrylic paints and sealed with a spray gloss. Simple enough to do in front of the tv. Well, besides the gloss sealant part. I don't think the husband would appreciate me spraying that stinky mess on the living room floor.

I think she likes them! And I can already see her little brain making the connections of color to color. Success!

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