Friday, June 14, 2013

Craftilicious: shabby chic frame tutorial

You know those frames that are all the rage but cost an arm and a leg? Well I figured out how to make one for 2-3$ assuming you have the supplies on hand. First you need to get one of those nifty 40-50% off craft coupons. Then you need to get to Michaels, pick one of the ready-to-finish frames from their raw wood aisle, use your coupon and only pay a few dollars for the frame.

Now you'll need some leftover paint {I used the white from my house trim}, some sandpaper, wood stain, and paintbrushes/rags.

The first step is to use the sandpaper to round all the edges on the frame, giving it more dimension. The original frame is all straight edged and won't give you that good crafted look we want. I actually used a Dremel to make my edges but sandpaper would work just fine.

Next you'll paint your frame whatever color you prefer. Keep it light though, so your stained edges don't get lost. Once the paint is completely dry, maybe wait a day or so, take the sandpaper and give your edges a worn look, so the raw wood comes through the paint. Now take your wood stain, and lightly apply it to those raw areas and then wipe off immediately. All the raw areas will soak up the stain so be deliberate with where you want it.

That's it, a cheap fabulous frame, enjoy!

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