Friday, August 24, 2012

upcycled soap boxes: baby blocks

Thanks to a good deal on Amazon, I had several of these soap boxes. I'm storing the soap themselves in a glass jar, so I don't need the boxes anymore. Now what to do what to do, recycle reuse right?

I know, make some baby building blocks, brilliant! {Unless you have a baby with a tooth and a tendency to chew on everything. I learned the hard way and had to re-cover a couple boxes.}  Now I can keep adding to the collection whenever I have a toothpaste box or any small box I come across. It was simple really, I just sat myself down with a few rolls of wrapping paper and went to town. I let bebe play with all the leftover shreds of paper and she was in paper-ripping heaven. That managed to keep her occupied as I finished the whole project.

I even went overboard and covered a shoe box to store them all in. BUT it's not perfect so there's no way I'm showing you the inside...all in all a simple, free, quick project.

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