Friday, August 03, 2012

the nursey, all grown up

So being that LC is my first bebe, I wasn't really sure how to plan and prepare for her or her room. Now that she's been here a while, I have a better understanding of what I need in her room, and that's why it's changed a bit. Here's a refresher of what it used to look like: pre-bebe room.

And here's some of the new design:

A new floor rug, a definite must with an unbalanced sitter:

Some shelving for more gadget gathering, like a noise machine:

And for books:

And now for some details. Pink glitter frame with chalkboard paper displays birth details.

Baskets for holding extra blankets.

Our updated feet art:

A peeking baby:

A couple of pine boards with a cool grey stain for wall shelves and a basket for floor toys:

Well I guess that's it! It's my favorite room in the house...

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