Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rainy days and happy stays

After some last-minute day trip plans fell through, I decided to get my craft on and make a few of these: IMG_0222_flowers.jpg

I had a nifty idea to make an ombre flower, following this crazy everything ombre trend. I think they'll end up as headbands for the wee one, and maybe a nifty pin for me. IMG_0220_flowers.jpg

And since it's a rainy lazy Sunday, there was some of this going on: IMG_0215_sunday.jpg

There was also some blatant tea drinking, tv watching, some laundry to be finished and some blogging. See. Oh and about 2 weeks ago now bebe turned 4 months. Crazy isn't it all? This wonderful simple insane life we lead? IMG_0175_month4.jpg

1 comment:

embee said...

i would like to request one of those pins eh?!!!

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