Saturday, April 28, 2012

The one with the closet

Oh closet of mine. Seeing it in photos actually makes me feel a bit like a hoarder. A clean, organized, sassy fashionista hoarder. Regardless, here it is, my closet, as organized as I can get it. And hopefully it inspires you to tackle your clothes closet, or that junk closet you conveniently refuse to show anyone. You know the one I'm talking about. Don't pretend.

Here's the first view, as you open the doors and enter. This closet is in the upstairs hallway so I feel like it needs to be a little more presentable than if it was say in my bedroom. It is a bit inconvenient to always have to pull my clothes from the hallway, but it is the biggest closet in the house, so I was willing to make the sacrifice. IMG_0183_closet01.jpg

I've labelled all the boxes so I know what's in there at a glance. I also use rolled magazines inside boots to keep them upright and have created a flip-flop cart out of an old soda crate by simply attaching wheels. IMG_0186_closet02.jpg

I also labelled my shelves which is probably a bit excessive but if I haven't done laundry in a while, it's nice to know where each pile originates. IMG_0189_closet03.jpg

Above the shelves I've placed a jewelry holder and an outfit inspiration board. These are just fun things for me and not at all necessary, but a clean shelf top is, providing work space and a dumping ground for folded items to be put away. The necklace holder is simply a pine board primed and painted with small screw hooks attached. Simple but useful. IMG_0193_closet04.jpg IMG_0194_closet05.jpg

My closet is an L shape, with all the hanging area as you step in to your left. Make sense? Here I've taken advantage of the space using a double hanging rod to store skirts and tops. Unfortunately {but not really}, I have too much stuff and my clothes aren't able to 'breathe' properly. As I'm trying on things at the beginning of each season, I tend to find several items that either don't fit, don't flatter, or don't matter any more so they'll be donated or sent to the consignment store. Same thing happens with shoes, and accessories. IMG_0201_closet06.jpg

I've used a bunch of random hooks around the closet to hang bags and accessories. I'm not too worried about them matching since it's just me and me doesn't seem to be ocd about it. IMG_0195_closet07.jpg

I've also used pegboard to store my belts on the eve's closet door. Because as Sabrina Soto says, there's shouldn't be any wall space visible in your closet or you're just not making the most of the space. Or something along those lines. IMG_0191_closet08.jpg

Again, I've tried to make the most of every space, including the wall hiding the ductwork. I did this using a peg board organization system. The great thing about the peg board is you can customize it to easily store and organize your specific collection of jewelry because of the variety of hooks and attachments. Another interesting thing I found works well is plant hangers. You can place several long handled bags on one hook. IMG_0197_closet09.jpg IMG_0200_closet10.jpg

And last but not least, I've attached a hook out of the way to hang outfits on. This way I can pull together an entire outfit and keep it there for the next morning. IMG_0202_closet11.jpg

So sorry about all the pictures but I hope this will inspire you! If it does please let me know...and if you have any questions just leave a comment.


Phyllis said...

YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! My closet, the largest in the house, is a walk-in, IN MY ROOM, and I still can't find anything; could be all of my little one's crap! NICE WORK!!!!!!

tinkerwiththis said...

Best of luck organizing that beast, you can do it! Thanks Phyllis!

Anonymous said...

Totally inspiring!

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