Thursday, October 20, 2011

The nursery has promise

It doesn't have any furniture, but it has promise. Well, it does have a pink chair:

Great prints that make me happy:

Some lovely canvas art:

A small pink mirror in desperate need of a clean:

And a bow holder inside the closet, made by moi:

Nothing matches really, and I like it that way.


daisygirl said...

What a great idea for bows! Layla has a bow holder, a wooden ladybug with a ribbon hanging down but this idea is better as it will hold much more! Hmmm...I think I will have to get to work on one for her, and then make more bows to fill it up!

Jana said...

Is the rooms' base color a pale blue or a pale grey? Sometimes it looks like it could be either one. I like it being an atypical girl nursery. But be honest, when you found out it was a girl were you tempted to repaint?

tinkastinka said...

they are a pale blue, and no I actually never wanted to repaint. I really love the fact that it's not your typical pink girls room!

carrie said...

oh my goodness that old ikea chair is cuter than ever!!! can i be an indian giver?!? hehe

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