Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dan and Bethany: lakeside wedding FINAL PACKAGING

So I finally mailed out the end result of the wedding shoot back in the end of July. When you get the family and friends discount, you seem more patient, but you also get more goodies...

I wanted to try out a few things I've seen, and my attempts were not in vain. The bride and groom loved them.

First I made a coaster set, which I've done before, just not with photos. All in all the process is the same and the result was beautiful. I'm going to make myself a set of Brooklyn ones as soon as I have some spare time.

Then I made a larger 6x6 tile, to be used for setting cooking utensils on or as a pot holder or even to display on a plate holder.

The one thing I absolutely loved was the canvas art. I used an 8x10, so I could print from home, but if you had something printed for you, a larger canvas would work too. It was bubbling up a bit, but once all the mod podge dried, it was flat and beautiful.

I put in some extra effort and wrapped everything up in wax paper and then tissue paper to make sure nothing stuck or was injured in travel. The tags were made with some brown kraft paper and stamps and I used twine to wrap it all. Add some bubble wrap and it was good to go. Go dear pictures, be free!

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carrie said...

this is fantastic!! what awesome ideas, and such fabulous photos to work with!!:0)

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