Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A strange thing happened this morning


I did something I haven't done in a while. I updated my shop. I know, it's crazy right? Well, after hours of fun making felt flowers, I decided I had too many hanging around and I needed to share them with the world.

I decided to package them using these adorable journaling scrapbook cards I bought somewhere on clearance at some point. I think they're swell. Please check it out an give me some feedback, I love to hear your thoughts!

{This morning's web time brought to you thanks to a very traumatic 'poo-in-the-house' episode. Poor Sadie was so shaken up, she's taken to napping the entire morning away.}


carrie said...

love the packaging!!:-)

carrie said...

oh and at least you don't have carpet!! makes clean-up a heck of a lot easier!!:-)

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