Friday, March 18, 2011

go poop!


A puppy changes EVERYthing. For now I feel like our lives revolve around her, which is ok, temporarily. I think once she gets older a lot of things will get easier. Like no longer having to stand guard outside while she does her thing, or going out for a walk without having to convince her that it's ok to walk four houses away from ours. She's having a much better time with eating, and she's still absolutely in love with people. And it turns out she's a leaner, which is very cute now, but may not be when she's twice as big. She's going to knock all those little kids over and then lick them to death.
I never thought I'ld be picking up poop in a little black baggy like all those nyc suckers, but here I am, pile of doo in my hand. I never thought my most commonly used phrases would be, 'go poop!' 'good girl' or 'Sadie, NO!'.
She really is a lot of fun, but I have to keep a constant eye on her when we're together. Which is easier when you get yourself a dog that loves to follow you around. Right now the construction is still an issue. We did our last bit of demo lastnight {last demo for forever, holla with me} and she wasn't too fond of hanging out in her crate while all that noise was happenin'. Once the upstairs reno is completely done she can roam around without my fear of her inhaling insulation or sheetrock bits. Oh glorious day. All in all she's a big giant learning experience with a lot of fun and loving mixed in there.



carrie said...

she is just the cutest ball of fur, and super sweet!! The kids just love her and can't stop talking about her:-)

Jennifer said...

She is just the cutest!

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