Thursday, January 27, 2011



Craft night was lovely as usual and everyone was pretty happy with their project. I love how I think every time it's going to be laughter and chitchat and loud, but mostly it's quiet as a mouse because everyone's so absorbed in what they're making. Not that i'm complaining, since in the end I had good friends, warm drinks and a crackling fire.

After everyone headed out the door I sat down and made this cute set of coasters for my kitchen. They have the valentine theme but I think I could easily keep these out year round. The red and pink make me smile. This set was made using simple paper and rub-ons.
Thanks to the 18+ inch dump of late night snow, I'm enjoying a slow morning with some tea and cranberry orange scones. It sounds all fancy, but really I just bought them ready to bake. They're from the Immaculate Co {all natural} and oh my are they delicious. I over cooked a couple yesterday, but today I cut the baking time to 15m and they were just perfect. Those along with the strawberry banana soy smoothie, and i'm feeling pretty healthy!

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Emily said...

Too cute!

Hey, do me a favor. Make it so when you clink on the Tinker With This header, it takes you to the the home page and not to the photo on flikr.


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