Monday, January 24, 2011

baby it's cold outside

Well here I am again, blogging Kate's wedding photos. I'm going through them all now and I just keep finding favorites, and since this is MY internetz space you all have to sit there and look and like.

I love the colors in this. It has an oil painting feel to it:
I love to capture the details of the day for the bride who may or may not have had the time to pay attention. You work so hard to plan every little detail, you should at least have proof that it all looked fantastic:
I love the composition of this shot and capturing her aisle decorations that she and Paul worked so hard on creating:
This was one of the few natural smiles I got out of the groom, but after teaching him a couple of relaxation tricks we have some other great shots:
I love this one of Justin working his magic. I told him next time he helps I promise to get him a more manly camera strap:
Kate right after saying 'I do':
And the trooper of a bride outside in frigid weather looking fabulous. This was one of the few shots where she looks cold. And she doesn't even look that cold!:
It was a great/fun/exhausting day for me but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Luckily my next wedding is planned for the end of July! Oh right, did I mention I've been asked to do another one? This is really a fun gig...and I learn so much more with each wedding. And what a good excuse to buy a new camera ;)

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