Saturday, October 16, 2010

when you plan your trips around photo ops


We just booked a vacation with two of the awesomest people we know. The four of us are headed for a mini-break in the beginning of December, just in time since we are all in desperate need of a break. To say we've all been under extreme stress lately is an understatement. So we'll be heading to KEY WEST for five glorious days. So I have one month after moving in and before going on vacation to get things back in order. Specifically me. I'm a hot mess lately, minus the hot, with an extra side of mess.

But the end is near folks. Today a family signed the lease on our apartment so we are cleared to move out by November first! This is both good news and bad, but mostly good, because we'll be moving into our new home! Ours. OURs. And although the thought of finishing what we need to before moving in is giving me a mini-anxiety attack, I know it will all come together in the end and we'll be loading up that stupid heavy sleeper sofa again.


carrie said...

i am absolutely and completely ready for key west minus the 5 pounds that need to leave my thighs before then. We'll hit the gym and before we know it we'll be bikini ready:)

embee said...

Good for you both. I seriously don't think you or Carrie has 5 lbs to lose anywhere on your bodies :)

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