Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two weeks and counting.


So what was I thinking taking a break on Sunday?? Well, let's just consider it a mental health day. I'm REALLY ready to be done, even though the end isn't nearly in sight. Well, not in my mind anyway. ALthough our move-in date is a week from this saturday. :O I know, crazy. If by some crazy amazing miracle we do have it all done when we move in, it will have been two months of renovations. Which really doesn't feel like enough time. And let me tell you, it's not.

Anyway, who wants to hear about all that stuff? We took a stroll up the mountain again to foliage peek. The fresh air and the exercise and going out in something other than painting clothes was really refreshing. Check it out:



Sizzledowski said...

great shots! :)

carrie said...

awww, such great photos!! i loved that day!!:)

daisygirl said...

I love hiking in the fall!

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