Wednesday, July 14, 2010

reusing a reusable bag


i bought these reusable bags from *eek* forever 21*eek* and since i didn't want to advertise that fact, i decided to disguise them pretty.

this is a bit of a tutorial but since not all reusable bag pouches are made the same, you can just improvise for your own version. this one needed a couple of pieces of fabric, about 4" wide by 5" tall.
on this first one i mistakenly stitched one front side to a back instead of front to front, but i liked the effect, so i left it. i have a bad habit of not paying attention and just trying to whiz through a project.

sew three edges and leave the top open, this is what you'll stitch to the top of the bag. fold over the top edges and iron so they're nice and clean when you sew them.
i stuck the sewn square inside the pouch and sewed along the top, just under the drawstring. then i stitched the corners at the bottom to make sure the pouch fabric stayed in place when turning inside and out.
i made a second version with some liberty of london fabric. cute and handy, next to the keys for when i'm popping out to pick something up from the store. and they only took about 5 minutes a piece...



Melissa said...

Those are SUPER cute! Did you buy all the reusable bag bags so you can make a bunch and sell them? They're darn stinkin' adorable!

tinkhomie said...

nada, but what a good idea! i could go back and see if they have more...

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