Tuesday, May 25, 2010

welcome to connecticut


so that was fast, that whole living in nyc thing we did. it's a little weird, it still hasn't sunk in that i'm here, for good. it became this illusion at some point, and we just came to terms with living wherever and whenever, and made the best out of each place.

in those terms, i do miss brooklyn, i miss the city and walking everywhere. sitting in a car all day is exhausting. giant parking lots and backyards and trees, it feels like a new concept, but we're adjusting well. having your own washing machine helps!

i even played susie homemaker yesterday and had dinner ready on the table when he got home lastnight. it's a crazy new concept, this making things from scratch. i could learn to like it, but i think i'll stock up on my trader joe's frozen pizzas, just to be safe.

now if only i could figure out what to do with myself...did i mention there's no dishwasher? which is very fitting, since my kitchen looks like something from the 50's.



carrie said...

love this post!! the pics are awesome!! i love your appt. and can't wait to see it all fixed up!!:)

Jana-banana said...

Is there actually greenery out your kitchen window? Where did you end up landing? I'm happy for you, the fast lane was fun but the slow lane is better.

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